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Its been along time I didn't post anything on this blog since exam. Well,quit busy with my exam, the biggest exam in my life. haha its just PMR and it is big enough for me. Waiting for PMR results out on this 19th December is the scariest thing ever in my life. I don't know why. Am I scared of what I get on my results? or I scared if it is not good and my family and friends will ignore me like I'm a stupid kids ever in this world ? or my parents will hate me or ..ugh I just don't know. I think its all of em'. I've over thinking about this. If its good its all luck, if not, my bad, my very bad luck. What I'm suppose to do. My life has been "written" like that so I just have to move on and always think positive. Its all my fault because I not take this exam as a very important thing in my life. What I get in my results is what I've done in my 3 years studied in Sekolah Menengah. Its all my fault because study for the last minutes. I regret. If only I have a time machine so I'll start over my life to be a good person and redeem all my mistakes.I already count my marks of Geography and History paper and I cried. :'(

I don't wanna think about it anymore, it makes me more frustrated. I think all the question is quit easy but I can't answer them all with all the correct answers. I am such a careless and yeah stupid sometimes.I wish this year PMR, Lembaga peperiksaan will decrease the gred but its even get higher. this is not fair. This year is the very difficult PMR in history and they wants to increase the gred. THIS IS NOT FAIR. why oh why?

 whatever it is, this news is not sure yet so I don't believe it. If its happen Lembaga peperiksaan iz cruel. This is all Internet fault. how I wish Twitter , Instagram , facebook ,skype doesn't exist and now I'm happy with my life.

Okay now is school holidays and I just stay at home and not going anywhere. I spent my whole holiday just watching TV, playing games, twitter-ing, tumblr-ing,skype-ing, instagram-ing, eating and sleeping. So lifeless. I don't know what to do with my life. Study? study what? I don't know what course that I'll get for next year so I don't know what to study. I want my life back. ugh . And now, I am so bored when nobody mention me on twitter. Nobody reply my tweet. why? Something wrong somewhere. Can you tell me if I've made you mad or something? I need friends. Why everybody don't want to talk to me, mention me or even call me. What have I done? just tell me. I'm sorry if I annoys you. I'm just kidding and please don't take it too serious with my words guys.And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that I have what you have. Good and bad.

I hate how sometimes I want to express myself but I couldn’t find the right words to describe how I’m feeling. So I keep all these emotions inside me, all bottled up. You see, I don’t like talking to other people when I’m feeling bad. Usually, I’d type and delete everything afterwards. Anyway, all I really want is an outlet, and people don’t need to know all that’s been running through my mind. And prayer.. it helps a lot. It helps to think that everything Allah allows in my life has a purpose.. that I only need to trust Him, do what He ask and things will work out fine in the end. :)  

Friends oh Friends. Do you still remember me? I am your friend when all of your friends ignore you. You've completely changed. people changed but memories don't. Do you still remember we go out together celebrate your birthday, surprise you, spending our money for unnecessary things,having fun, fighting, laughing... what a amazing memories ever. I miss you KASIA'N. How I wish we're still together in the same class next year.but, what to do I've to accept. Nothing in this world lasts forever. So cherish every moment, and be thankful for what we have. Love, laugh, serve, and most importantly, LIVE. So that in the end,we'll have little to no regrets. :) From now on I don't need to find a bestfriend because when I meet people. I become friends with them for a while. Then I’ll leave them, or they’ll leave me for whatever reason. And then, I move on with my life. Repeating the same thing in a life.

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