Monday, December 3, 2012


Dear readers,

My life has too much drama, I don’t wanna join those in my fandom. Like, OMG. That’s too much for me. Twitter is down for a while, I don’t know what’s wrong with my account. That’s why I don’t know what’s been happening with directioners there.
This goes for my opinion for the Haylor thing. Actually, I don’t ship Harry and Taylor. I love them both. No doubt about that. I love Taylor since I was a freshman in high school which is 4 years ago and I am a directioner for a year now. Let’s just say that I know them enough as an avid fan would know her idol.
I don’t ship them because first, I don’t think they are good for each other. Looking from a Swiftie’s perspective, I could say that Harry is not good for Taylor because I think she’s looking for a forever kind of thing. I just think they are young for that and I am afraid that this would just end into another heartbreak song. From a directioner’s perspective, I just don’t know. I think Taylor is not yet ready for anything serious yet since she just broke up with her recent ex. I am afraid that Harry might only be a rebound.

Anyway, that’s what I think but of course it’s not the truth. Seeing their pictures, I first thought that they weren’t real since there’s a lot of photoshopped Haylor pics. When I found out that they are real, I just don’t feel anything about it. I just thought that if they are happy together then I am happy for them. As I have said, I love them both.
I think, everybody’s been overreacting upon everything. I hate seeing other “directioners” sending hate on Taylor telling her to kill herself and some “swifties” telling Harry to stay away from Taylor. I mean, guys, let’s just be happy for them, shall we? Even if it doesn’t work out and breakup songs come out, at least we could say that they were happy right?
Because that’s the way it goes guys. They are just normal people. It just happens that they are famous but they are more like us so they could be with the one they like if they want to. Some people should do something productive with their life than to tweet the rumored boyfriend/girlfriend of their idol to kill himself/herself because doing so makes you a pathetic bitch.

Besides, they are just dating. They aren’t together yet. And even if they are, it’s none of everyone’s business. It’s theirs. So if you guys are real supporters, let’s just support them, not being irrationally overprotective and obsessed about them because that is not right.

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