Thursday, August 19, 2010 long have we known each other? long have we been best friends for? we usually agree and get along mostly?

4.what do we do for fun?

5.whats the worst argument we have ever been in? there boy/girl we argued over?

7.would you stop being my best friend for a certain reason?

8.would you help me with any problem no matter how bad it was? long do you plan on being my best friend?

10.whos the one person or group that you think gets us the most annoyed? we like the same music? you wanna hang out right now? you miss me?

14.can i have your boy/girl friend?

15.if i needed to copy your homework would you let me?

16.would you help me in a fight?

17.what is your favorite thing about me?

18.what are your honest feelings about me? we have the same group of friends?

20.can you honestly say you love me no matter what?

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